Love that scalloped bathing suit top!

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fitness blog :)

Neon green so pretty!!!!

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Rona Keller

Plz do! I’ll love you forever I promise <(^-^)>

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What a powerful promise we have from Almighty God! When we put our hope in Him, we will never be disappointed. Of course, that doesn’t mean that things will always go our way. There may be temporary disappointments, but we will never be permanently disappointed. Somewhere down the road, God will cause it to all work out for our good. With God on your side, you will always end in victory!

Are you carrying frustration, worry or aggravation about something? That’s usually a clear sign that your hope is in the wrong place. If you hope in circumstances, it will deplete you of joy and peace. But when you turn those circumstances over to God, when you refuse to worry, when you refuse to allow the temporary things of this world to dictate your happiness, that’s when God can do a work in your life. When you trust in Him, He will make your crooked places straight; He will cause you to mount up with wings like the eagle.

Today, choose to put your hope in the Father; you won’t be disappointed. Trust Him because He is faithful. Find rest for your soul in knowing that He is good, and He has good things in store for your future!

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Rihanna whining

this is magical

On repeat..

This should never not be on your blog

Whine for me

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little jaden looks so pleased with himself

The joke was hilarious and at the same time profound

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Season 3⎪Season 8


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Something quite magical about road-trips. It’s like the earth moves with you and for you; and all the time in the world sits in the palm of your hand.

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personal mixes fom ppl

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because hes wearing north face and i like north face

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